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My 20/CENT visiting Vending Pizza Take Away Benelux, what a shame!
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My 20/CENT visiting Vending Pizza Take Away Benelux, what a shame!

What a waste

It's been a week since the event closed its doors, so I waited a bit before sharing my impressions on my visit to the Vending & Barista Benelux, Pizza Benelux and Take Away events. This report comes a little later than expected because I wanted to take a step back and not react too quickly. But still, a week later, I return to my impression of the past week: What a waste! Despite the efforts of the organization, and despite the offer, many people (and maybe even you) who should have visited the event did not come.


And yet

Okay, to be a success a trade fair needs its three components (organizer, exhibitors and visitors), and visitors were missing. But in this case before letting you demolish the event, simply basing your thoughts on the absent visitors, let me come back on certain points.

 The organization

In what I have experienced during my visit, the organizer has fulfilled its mission. The signage was clear with a different carpet colour for each fair, in order to indicate the three zones corresponding to the three events. The entrance was carefree with no queues. For pre-registered visitors, the badges were ready, and for the others, service was quick. While the conference space could have been better dressed, the content was interesting. And regarding the Business Corner, the space filled its purpose. I could sit there to sort out the info and notes I gathered peacefully and I even met a new contact.

The content of the event

An international side was announced and indeed, there were exhibitors from different nationalities. Also, the organizer was proud to say that the visitor would find players that one does not usually see on other shows. Again, we can say that was the case. There were, especially in the Take Away section, many companies wishing to develop their activities in the Benelux market. And so, there were a few new products to detect at these booths; and this was even the case among actors you might already know.


Some of the new items

  • Touchdechef: a range of sauces in different formats (both retail and Food Service). The packaging colour codes are quite nice; especially the range includes tastes and ingredient-combinations that can sometimes be surprising.
  • La Maison du Sans Gluten: beautiful range both in sweet and salty of breads, pastries, cakes, and other sweets. Of course every item is gluten free. Also note that single portion packages are available.
  • Newtree: the chocolate manufacturer had an impulse range quite adequate for nomad consumption or the vending sector.
  • Emeis Group: the company presented a range of sanitary products (I told you that equipment would be present at the show). There was their range 'Do not touch me' to equip your toilet facilities of devices your guests don’t need to touch (hand dryer etc.). Now here is a useful innovation of the last years. Because personally 'contactless' payment technologies do not interest me. But getting out of the toilet without sharing any germs from previous visitors seems more vital. Still with Emeis Group, there was an interesting device. The SMIXSIN, a box to place anywhere in your establishment, and without any connection to a pipe needed, allowing your customers to wash their hands comfortably without having to visit your toilet facilities (useful for those put off by potential odours and microbes in the toilet).
  • Mintanine : commercialised by Neobulles, it is an energy drink with caffeine and guarana and a subtle taste of mint.


And in the future?

So tell me what happened? Was the weather too nice and you preferred to enjoy the sun? Perhaps the works (which seem to go on forever) in front of Tours et Taxis scared you? Whatever your excuse is, my opinion is the same: Shame on the person who should have been present and did not come. There were new products to discover, there were order forms to sign, and new partnerships to create. Fortunately some people were smart enough to do it, even if not as many as there should have been.

The organizer meanwhile, demonstrates what is that entrepreneurial spirit, as he does not give up. He admitted that the formula of the event needs to be reviewed (it is certainly the case for Vending). But in any case, he planned to redo events for these sectors that are pizza, vending and take away. And given the contacts and results I was able to do on the show, trust me that these future events will again be on my schedule.

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