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Second edition of FOOD Unplugged

Second edition of FOOD Unplugged

For anyone with a "foodie soul"

The second edition of Food Unplugged will be organized on 26th and 27th of June. The festival is an initiative of Food Inspiration, the Food Line-up, Ede and De Smaak van Van Gogh. The concept 'unplugged' refers to food, which has not been enhanced by marketing or processing. So if you visit the festival you will only encounter food fairly and ethically produced by peasants, farmers and small independent caterers. The program of the event is composed of interactive presentations, workshops, visits to farms...

Van Gogh inspires

The festival consists of two days.

  • Day 1 is for the food professional: the latest food trends and manufacturing techniques will be presented interactively.
  • On day 2, all are welcome.

Also this year is marked by the Vincent Van Gogh Year. Therefore, the organizers have found their inspiration in the works of the painter, and visitors will experience this through the presented products and menus.

Supporting the Farmeteers Academy

The Farmeteers Academy is an initiative that supports small producers. Producers such as growers, farmers, brewers, coffee roasters, bakers etc do not often have many resources or marketing expertise to bring their products to the consumer. Therefore the Farmeteers Academy aims to turn small producers into "Farmeteers", a combination of farmer and marketeer (and “Farmeteer” does sound better than “Marker”, unless you need one to write. Right?).

Food Unplugged supports the project by donating 10% of their turnover to the initiative.


My 20/CENT on Food Unplugged

The festival actually plays on a very strong trend: authentic local products. Such products have a healthy image and aura. Consumers also like to know the origin of what they eat. Thus, the topic of the festival is very well chosen.

Also, there is nothing better than learning on the field. In an office or classroom, you can learn as much theory as you want. But ultimately it's really 'on the field' that one learns practice. And here you can take ‘on the field’ really literal.

In our industry we definitely need more initiatives that promote learning and field activities.



Food Unplugged, 26th and 27th of June 2015, Kazerneterrein, Ede, Netherlands, www.food-unplugged.com


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