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20CENT STYLE Roodeberg has been on the shelves for 25 years
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20CENT STYLE Roodeberg has been on the shelves for 25 years

A quarter of a century of collaboration

For this episode of 20/CENT Style, we take a look back at an anniversary event in the wine category. South African brand Roodeberg is celebrating some major milestones this year. Not only is the producer celebrating 75 years of brand existence, but also 25 years of shelf presence at Colruyt. To mark the occasion, on a sunny day in June, the Schenk Benelux teams brought together buyers, journalists and, of course, representatives of the brand for lunch. It was a great opportunity for yours truly to learn a bit about the history of the brand and to share with you some of the promo planned in the coming months. 

The story of this collaboration began in 1999. At the time, South African wines were not yet very well known by Belgian consumers. However, the buyer at the time gave it a try, and it was his even his first plane trip when he travelled to South Africa to visit the vineyards. 

The red wine in the range was introduced first and the consumer was hooked on the concept. A few years later, in 2010, a white wine was invited to join the red on the shelves. The Rosé eventually arrived in 2013 to complete the range.


A limited edition

To celebrate 25 years of collaboration between Colruyt and Roodeberg, a number of promotions will be available at the start of the autumn. 

A promotional action will take place in September in the form of a 4+2. With the purchase of four bottles of Roodeberg Red, a consumer will receive two bottles with a vintage label. The commemorative label marks the brand's 75th anniversary and has also been given a discreet postilion with the initials of the retailer and the brand. The six-bottle box will also be given a new look for the occasion. 

Finally, for the end-of-year period, a Roodeberg Sparkling is due to hit the shelves. This is a wine with a big Chardonnay base that follows the traditional method.