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Delhaize focuses on affiliates
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Delhaize focuses on affiliates


Last week, Delhaize organized its Food Market. Yes, I wrote "market" and not Discovery Days, because the lion is changing its mindset. Indeed, this event, which brings together its affiliates and suppliers, has been given a name that corresponds a little more to the mindset and commercial approach applied by all merchandise and purchasing staff: “we have to think about the end consumer, but also and above all think in B2B terms, and make life easier for the Group's affiliates” says Delhaize.  

So how does this new attitude translate into reality? The Food Market unveiled a host of new planograms, new products and even a few future trends and surprises that will be appearing on the shelves over the coming weeks and months. Fruit and vegetables, fish, wine, fresh produce and ice cream are just some of the segments reviewed in this article. 


Fruit and vegetables: "it's possible to be innovative in fruit and vegetables".

The lion highlights several innovations to energize the department:

  • Cut-up fruit, more appetizing and easier to sell (e.g. watermelons, melons, etc.).
  • ...



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