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Carrefour rewards you when you cook

Carrefour rewards you when you cook

Imagine earning money for cooking at home. It sounds a little improbable, but that's what Carrefour Belgium is proposing today by teaming up with Coco Cooking, an app that pays its users when they cook. 

Arnaud Lesne, Director of Innovations and Partnerships at Carrefour took a few minutes to explain to 20/CENT Retail this new concept and how it fits in with the company's strategy to help consumers eat better.


Episode of the Retail Influencer in French, available on your favourite streaming platform via https://podcast.ausha.co/le-retail-influencer/arnaud-lesne-carrefour-belgium-a-propos-du-lancement-de-coco-carrefour).

Episode in English available via the widget on this website or via https://vincentpanneels.substack.com/ 








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