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Headlines Silmo Showroom and Wonderfood

Headlines Silmo Showroom and Wonderfood

Here is your dose of 20/CENT Retail Headlines. In this instalment I present you

⁃                Silmo Showroom: a clever new way to engage with a community without doing the usual conference or press event,

⁃                Also, I tell you about my visit of the Wonderfood event last weekend and why I came back with mixed feelings about it and a lot of unanswered questions. 

⁃                Finally, I point out a few items to note in your retail agenda. 


And yes indeed. Some of you loyal followers noticed something: I skipped the Headlines last week. Well, let’s not forget that 20/CENT Retail is not a news website compiling press releases for its audience and shouting breaking news every day. Also, I realised two things: First, I wasn’t motivated to write about bankruptcies, loss of jobs or e-commerce fraud. Secondly, as Monday is often taken in my agenda by event visits, I decided to move the publication of Headlines to the middle of the week. 


Well, enjoy the read ;-)


Silmo Showroom 

Usually, trade shows hold press conferences or similar gatherings to announce their event and the highlights that will mark their ...

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