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A new food festival supported by Delhaize is born
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A new food festival supported by Delhaize is born

On the weekend of 20 and 21 April, Wonderfood, a new food event, will be held at Brussels Expo. The aim of organiser We are C and its main sponsor Delhaize is to inspire and inform thousands of Belgians about the food on our plates today, where it comes from and what our eating habits will look like tomorrow. Having had the opportunity to follow the press conference from a distance, I will tell you what it is all about and My 20/CENT in a few lines.   


What can you expect?   

The event will take place over the 11,000m2 of Palais 3 at Brussels Expo. The space will be divided into six zones, which together represent a giant kitchen. You will find: the kitchen island, the fridge, the pantry, the garden (fruit and vegetables), the cooker and the dustbin. 

It will be a show where the emphasis is on the visitor experience. There will be demonstrations, tastings, entertainment, and several presentations supported by well-known ambassadors from the food world (and above all those who already work with Delhaize). You will find the likes of Pascale Naessens, Average Rob, Lionel Rigolet, Emna Everard and many more.   

Delhaize will also be showcasing fresh produce from its cooperatives and local supply chains, as well as a range of local partners including Foodmaker, Tour/Toer, De Trog and Meurisse. The event also includes other sponsors such as Nestlé, Alpro, Eggo and others.  

But what really stands out is the desire to create an experience through gamification. Visitors will be able to play games and win prizes. Whether it is with products or Superplus points, no participant will leave empty-handed. 

The aim is clearly to inform and educate consumers who come to the event. Delhaize's ambition is clear: "We believe that, as a retailer, we play an important role in the choices made by consumers and their impact on the environment. It is also our responsibility to inform them correctly and to inspire them - in a positive way and without overwhelming them - on how they can live better and take care of the environment themselves". 


My 20/CENT  

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an adventure? An amusement park? No! It is a tradeshow!  

This event, described and pitched as an...

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