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Sao Paulo, Latin capital of the foodservice industry for a couple of days
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Sao Paulo, Latin capital of the foodservice industry for a couple of days

31 Years of existence

From 9th till 12th of October, Sao Paulo will welcome foodservice professionals for the 31st edition Fispal Food Service. The international event targets restaurants, bars, pizza parlours, bakeries, buffet caterers, coffee shops and hotels, just to name a few.

Key figures

  • More than 1450 brand exhibitors
  • Approximately 51.000 visitors

SIAL Brazil is cancelled

Normally SIAL Brazil should take place simultaneously with Fispal Food Service. However, the organizer decided to cancel this year’s edition. The market situation is said to be unfavourable.

A wide range of animations and side events

The trade fair will host many different activities such as demos, conferences and seminars. The scope of topics is wide and covers a.o.: legislation and tax issues, management, marketing, delivery, Human Resources, franchises, food safety…

  • The Pizza School: from Oven to Table: the projects shows visitors a demonstration on how to run a pizza parlour: receiving the ingredients, preparation, creating the menus, right up to sales techniques
  • Professional Kitchen Management Space / Espaço Gestão Cozinha Profissional: a true dedicated space including a restaurant, a bakery, a pizza parlor, a bar and a coffee shop. All are functioning and guided tours will be organised.
  • The “Cheiro do Pão” (Hot Fresh Bread) Space: especially for bakeries. Different sessions will be held with topics such as: “Techniques for Bread making/ Cake making/ and Ice-cream making”, “Health and Nutritional Standards” , “Making a Business Plan” and “Expanding Ones Mix of Products”.
  • The Best Ice-cream Parlors and Confectioners in Brazil Awards: Organized by the different magazines and publishers, the event will award prizes to the most outstanding establishments of the year
  • Lectures – Auditório Abis / Abis Auditorium: different seminars with topics aimed at the ice-cream industry (administered by ABIS – Associação Brasileira das Indústrias e do Setor de Sorvetes/The Brazilian Association of the Ice-cream Sector and Industries)
  • Programação SESI | SENAISESI: lectures for profesionnals by the Social Service for Industry and the National Service for Industrial Learning
  • FIESP Program: the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo), SENAI and SESI will organise sessions for entrepreneurs and present and discuss topics such as energy efficiency and the reduction in water consumption


My 20/CENT on the event

First of all, about the cancellation of SIAL Brazil, let me say it’s a brave decision. Some might say that it’s a failure or a consequence of the crisis. Indeed, it’s not the first time we hear about a fair being canceled. (e.g. Intermopro last year, …). However, let’s not forget that market’s needs do develop and maybe it’s just a change of format, which is needed. Nevertheless, I still see this as an organizer who took a risk, and is brave enough to change his plans.

Now about Fispal Food Service, I am quite amazed by the scope of the animations. It seems that not only established professionals will find opportunities, but also entrepreneurs, and visitors with a thirst for knowledge and improvement will have sessions and seminars dedicated for them. Learning and showcasing best-case practices seems to be key at the event.

But I guess that’s also what makes the success and longevity of this event. No trade fair reaches thirty years of existence unless it is capable continuously attract professionals, and younger generations.



Fispal Food Service, from 9th till 12th of June, Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, Brazil, www.fispalfoodservice.com.br/en/





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