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Carrefour says no to folders
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Carrefour says no to folders

It had to happen one day in Belgium too. Paper folders are coming to an end. In fact, when you think about it, it makes sense. More and more consumers are putting a 'stop' sticker on their letterboxes to show their refusal of mail advertising; more and more are using retailers' mobile applications, and what's more, we're all aware that cutting down on useless paper is an act in favour of the planet. 

Carrefour Belgium has therefore just announced that from now on their folder will be completely digitised.


The culmination of a 5-year process

It's already been a few years since the various digital solutions have shaken up the habits of many consumers. Nowadays, you use your smartphone to do your shopping, whether to create your list or order items online. 

Carrefour now offers different ways for its consumers to check out its folders' promotions: via the Carrefour website, on the Carrefour app, via a newsletter and even via Whatsapp and Messenger. 

For Dave FroidcœurMedia & Campaign Director at Carrefour Belgium, digitising the folder is simply a logical step that consumers want to take: "There is a general trend towards digitisation that we cannot deny as a retailer. In Brussels or Antwerp, for example, one family in two no longer wants to receive advertising in their letterbox. Carrefour always puts its customers' wishes first, which is why we are gradually replacing our paper communication with a digital version."


Reducing paper folders by 80% by 2024

The reduction in paper folders will be gradual and is part of Carrefour's ecological efforts. Fewer physical folders means not only less paper, but also less transport and less waste. 

The retailer is planning to phase out this practice zone by zone in Belgium. An awareness and information campaign is also accompanying this transition.







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