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Oda introduces Product Carbon Footprint Assessment Down to Ingredient Level

Oda introduces Product Carbon Footprint Assessment Down to Ingredient Level

Norway's leading eGrocery retailer, Oda, has taken a pioneering step by becoming the first grocery retailer to assess the product carbon footprint of its entire 6,600-strong F&B assortment, considering not only the category but also the individual ingredients of each product. In order to do so, the retailer partners with inoqo, a SaaS platform dedicated to helping grocery retailers assess and manage the environmental impact of their food products.


The collaboration between both companies is quite logical. The Norwegian retailer ODA has ambitious sustainability goals. Last year, they already started communicating the carbon footprint of their customer’s grocery shopping on their receipts. 

On their hand, inoqo released a powerful AI-driven platform designed for the scalable, cost-effective, and timely assessment of thousands of F&B products. 


Markus LinderFounder & CEO of inoqo explains the concept: “The AI powered platform is able to reengineer the composition of thousands of F&B products based on the data the retailers have available today. It can consequently assess the impact of products while taking specific features of the product such as the likely country of origin of its ingredients, production processes, packaging, or transportation into account.” 


Turi PettersenHead of Sustainability and DEI at Oda, also expressed his views and why they work with the solution: “We are genuinely impressed with what inoqo has to offer! We believe that retailers can truly make a significant impact in this space by leading the industry - not only by setting an example for other retailers but also by challenging their producers to acknowledge and improve their carbon footprint. It all begins with a robust understanding of the current state through comparable data!



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