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A fun summer program for Docks Bruxsel
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A fun summer program for Docks Bruxsel

A shopping center is a living space. We can't stress this enough. In addition to being a place of commerce, a retail outlet is also a place to meet and exchange ideas, and it can also be a place of leisure. With this in mind, Docks Bruxsel has drawn up a summer program of activities to attract visitors and establish itself as a "living space". 


Three activities to brighten up the summer

During the summer, Docks Bruxsel will host a Talent Show, a Warner Bros pop-up store and Disco Summer Roller Skating. In an interview, the bubbly Nathalie EloyTenant Relationship & Relationship Leasing explained that the vision is simple: "A shopping center is a place for life, and for this summer's program, we wanted fun, dynamism and culture."


In concrete terms, visitors will be treated to three attractions (in addition to the existing stores, restaurants and other attractions, of course): 

  • The Disco Summer Roller Skating will be spread out over 300m2 all summer long, and will be a plunge into the atmosphere of the 80s, complete with strobes and funky music. 
  • The "Docks' Talent Show" takes place in August. Throughout June, people had the opportunity to submit 30-second videos featuring their unseen talents as part of a social media campaign. The videos literally poured in, and after a selection process, the winners of this competition will be invited on stage every Saturday afternoon in August. 
  • Last but not least, there's the "Warner Bros by Smartoys" pop-up store to mark the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros. This exclusive pop-up - the only one of its kind in Europe - will open its doors on Saturday July 15.


"At Docks, we're proud to create an exceptional experience for families. This summer's program is designed to offer families and friends an enjoyable day of relaxation, entertainment and culinary experiences. Our three major new attractions and every aspect of our program have been carefully thought out to ensure you have a wonderful day," added Nathalie Eloy.











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