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Innovation is sometimes so simple and cool
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Innovation is sometimes so simple and cool

In these articles I'm talking about a very "cool" subject, and I mean it literally because these few lines are dedicated to refrigerators.  

It may seem surprising to you, but I assure you that I have come across a new model of refrigerator that will certainly bring a new dimension to point-of-sale promotional actions. 


Freshness requires perfect execution

In a previous life, I was active in field marketing and one of the lessons I learned from this experience was that the success of promotional campaigns or product showcases depended above all on the quality of the execution. And for products in the fresh category, one of the first obligations is of course to respect the cold chain. Therefore, ingenious display developers have designed very practical, easily transportable solutions that allow for the placement of temporary refrigerators in a "cardboard + motor block" kit. 


Perpetually towards a more advanced model

You certainly see what kind of display we are talking about. This type of cooler attracts the consumer's attention very strongly and does not take up much space at the point of sale. 

At CoolActivators, the idea has even evolved into a more advanced model with the Escape Cooler. This one is an easy to assemble refrigerator for promotional actions but is in fact made of the engine block with a more rigid structure that can be easily mounted on top of it, and personalized with printed cardboard according to the campaign. 

The advantage of having a more rigid structure is twofold. It allows to guarantee the temperature (0-4°C, which is essential when working with fresh products), and also each promotional campaign requires less cardboard to renew (which is not negligible for the planet, you have to admit it). 

Having worked on the Escape Cooler even more, CoolActivators has integrated two more options: a door if your campaign is longer (in order to reduce energy consumption), and an independent digital screen that can be placed above the refrigerator. 


Did I say "Cool"? I meant "Sub Zero".

To sum up so far, the Escape Cooler model has a more permanent structure, is more efficient and requires less cardboard consumption. So, I can already hear you say "But this is a refrigerator model that has already existed for several years, right?” Indeed, you are correct. But remember that at the beginning of the article I was talking about a model of appliance that brings a new dimension to short term promotional actions in stores. And here is the announcement: From now on, the Escape Freezer model is also available, meaning the freezer version exists. That's right! Your frozen food category can now also benefit from temporary promotional actions with effective displays that guarantee the cold chain. Instead of using temporary stickers that spoil the view of the products on your fridges, instead of using bulky tray-type or bathtub models that do not offer any view of the products they contain, ... there is now this model that offers great visibility to temporary frozen food promotions. And it works with the same principle: easy to transport, to assemble/dismantle, customizable according to the campaign, and above all with the guarantee of the right temperature. 

In addition, I will not fail to point out that you could of course buy your own fleet of fridges or refrigerators of this type. But, for any campaign, CoolActivators has developed an all-in-one service system that include placement, maintenance and merchandising according to the needs. 

In conclusion, if there is one category that needed an innovation to bring visual dynamism, it is the frozen food category. Until now, these impersonal fridges offered little opportunity for a brand to stand out. Well, now expect more movement in the frozen section of your supermarket. 



Ps: For more information, I invite you to take a look at the following video that shows how the Escape Coolers system works: https://youtu.be/W8FdNGfbhQc










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