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The fifth edition of Saveurs et Métiers is unveiled

The fifth edition of Saveurs et Métiers is unveiled

From 15 to 17 January 2023, the Saveurs et Métiers trade fair will be held at Namur Expo for its fifth edition. The event will attract professionals of the food industry and food retailing over a three-day period. Let's take a look at this eagerly awaited next edition after forced postponements due to the pandemic. 


160 exhibitors and activities for all

More than 160 exhibitors will be waiting for the visitors and will offer them solutions in equipment, materials, and of course food products. For any professional working as a baker, a butcher, a cheese monger, in the food industry or in retail, the show promises to be an interesting showcase to discover the novelties and trends of the sector. Indeed, it seems that the animations and conferences will cover the main current concerns: digitalization, innovation, local trends, organic and many others.


The animations and dedicated areas not to be missed

For this edition, the organization of Saveurs et Métiers will therefore offer different dedicated spaces and content designed to challenge, inform and inspire professionals. On the show, you will find: 

  • The Market place: an area that will highlight new trends and products required by today's consumer: short circuit, organic products, fair trade, natural and minimally processed "health" foods, vegan and special diets ("free from"), zero-waste, flavors of the world ... 
  • A digital focus: this next edition, the show will offer a series of conferences focused on training and discovery, but a particular focus will be given to the theme of digitalization. To do this, the organizer collaborates with Digital WalloniaWalchainBeCommerceFoodcomm and E-net business which will hold various sessions. These will be informational but also very practical. For example: the use of social networks, website and e-commerce, the Walloon aid for the digitalization of businesses and many others. A dozen exhibitors specializing in digital solutions will also be present in a Digital Pavilion. 
  • Competitions and demonstrations: once again this year, the show will highlight the craftsmen of the butchery, cheese-making and bakery sectors through competitions and demonstrations, including the Golden Knife Competition, the National Golden Croissant Competition and many others. 
  • Awards: A novelty for this 2023 edition will be the attribution of an award for the artisans who have shown initiative in proposing sustainable and innovative alternatives. These awards will be given in collaboration with the UCMWagralimCertisysL'Avenir and RetailDetail
  • A Jobday: Finally, we must not forget to mention a day organized in collaboration with Forem on Monday January 16th. A day of meetings will be organized between candidates and companies looking for new employees. For those interested, registration is possible via www.saveurs-metiers.be/jobday  


My 20/CENT: A wide range of skills for an entrepreneur who today must know how to do everything

For the regulars of 20/CENT Retail, you will remember that I covered the first editions of Saveurs et Métiers. Seeing this event evolve over time, and comparing it to other initiatives, I have always thought that it is the only successful food event launch of the last decade. On a limited space (Namur Expo is not huge compared to other exhibition parks), the organizer manages to gather a very diverse range of exhibitors. You can find trendy products, but also equipment and services. In addition, the exhibition has a didactic side. Today's entrepreneur can not only shop, but also learn about current trends in his sector in a very practical and concrete way through the various conferences. This type of event is not easy to organize and even less to impose in the food sector. 

We have been waiting for this new edition for a long time and it will be good to go back. But moreover, I am curious about the new digital component. I think it's a good idea to dedicate a pavilion to this theme, since today's entrepreneur is facing a serious digitalization challenge. The good craftsman is not enough, he must also be able to master his communication and his online business. And the announced program seems to me adequate to bring this little boost to the independent. 

In short, I am both eager and curious to return to Namur in mid-January. I hope to see you there. 




Saveurs et Métiers, from 15th till 17th of January 2023, Namur Expo, Namur, Belgium, https://www.saveurs-metiers.be/fr/tickets-lp?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=content&utm_campaign=20CentRetail&utm_content=sponsored-story&utm_term=&actioncode=BAAV1000










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