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ALL4PACK Emballage Paris offered a great package to its community

ALL4PACK Emballage Paris offered a great package to its community

Mid-November marked the reunion for the ALL4PACK Emballage Paris community. After four years of waiting, the event was able to take place and bring together packaging professionals. 

For me, it was a great opportunity to discover the new positioning of this event and specially to discover the new technologies and concepts that make packaging more sustainable. 


Worth waiting for

The figures for a return post pandemic are more than satisfactory. Some 45,000 professionals from 80 countries came to Paris to discover the 1,100 exhibitors and brands present, 50% of which were international.

Guillaume SchaefferDirector of ALL4PACK Emballage Paris, seemed satisfied with the results but also with the general atmosphere surrounding this year's event: "The new proposal we made to exhibitors and visitors alike around the new positioning of the show and its signature Lead the Revolution, undeniably seduced them. The success of this year's event is due in particular to its perfect fit with the issues and challenges facing the sector. Launched 4 years ago, the gamble has been successful and allows us to build the future of ALL4PACK Emballage Paris on excellent foundations. I am also prouder of this edition as many exhibitors and visitors have shared with us their satisfaction with the quality of the meetings and the spirit of conviviality that reigned throughout the event. Beyond the business climate and the content offered, these qualities were essential for the success of the show in our eyes.


My 20/CENT and what you should have seen

To some, a packaging trade fair does not immediately seem to be a retail-oriented event. So why did I go for a visit? Well, the reason is simple. The impact of packaging in the retail world is enormous. From the point of view of the planet and the environment, everyone agrees that solutions must be found to reduce the impact of packaging and industry waste. So even for a retail specialist, a visit to this type of event can only be beneficial and inspiring.  

And in this perspective, the dedicated areas and animations at ALL4PACK Emballage Paris met my expectations. There was a didactic side, but also many concrete solutions to be implemented in the packaging chain and on our shelves. 

Among these examples, I can mention a few without making an exhaustive list of course: reducing the plastic used by removing the superfluous, switching to cardboard, favouring circularity and reusing plastics, using reusable or compostable cardboard, even by giving it hydrophobic properties, the deposit system and many others...

To discover this kind of solutions on the event, there were two concepts that I strongly appreciated in the organisation's approach: 

  • The Target Zero Impact corner (Objectif Zéro impact): a corner for start-ups offering innovative and agile solutions for packaging and maintenance. There were new materials, reusable and connected containers, robot programming tools...
  • Dedicated tours: at an event like this, it is easy to get lost as a novice, even as a specialist at times. Therefore, these guided tours are good tools to decode such a show. 


Of course, in the many events on the agenda at this year’s event, I shouldn't forget to mention that to celebrate the return of the fair, the organisation organised a very successful party on Wednesday. More than 2000 exhibitors had a great time with a buffet and a concert that got everyone excited. 

To conclude, I will say that the repositioning of the show is to be commended. When you think of a packaging event, you expect to see highly technical machines and content. Of course, this ALL4PACK Emballage Paris offered its attendees some. But more broadly, the event offered a showcase of how technology can offer sustainable solutions to the packaging industry. And sustainability is what the world needs. 





Ps: be sure to read the following article about my meeting with Fabrice Peltier, author of The Packaging Revolution.