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SIAL 2022 Trends

SIAL 2022 Trends

Certainly, you have read my article about the SIAL event itself, but you are also definitely curious to know what were the trends of this 2022 edition. So, without further ado, I give them to you in this article. 


The plant world 

Do I have to tell you again? Is it a surprise? Of course not! Plant-based products are very popular and are a solution to reduce the environmental footprint. It is therefore normal that plant-based products are the trend to note in this 2022 edition. This is also clear when you look at the selection of the jury for the innovation competition. Moreover, the winner of the grand prize is ZALG, cubes of frozen seaweed to be cooked in the pan and easily integrated into any type of recipe. 

On the other hand, I noticed two sub-trends in this wave. 

  • The trend of the meat producer who goes plant-based: One could think that it is opportunism, but I notice that it is rather due to an awareness. These producers obviously want to protect their turnover, but they also realize that the planet will be grateful, and especially that the consumer needs healthy alternatives and not necessarily chemical or industrial ones. 
  • “Say what you are rather than what you are not": a trend that many producers of plant-based products are announcing. Instead of creating a meat substitute that looks and tastes (almost) like meat, many are choosing a different path. They produce spreads, cubes, or even dishes based on lentils, soya, peas... This movement proposes natural alternatives to meat by announcing who and what they are and by imposing itself as a novelty. In a way it is logical when you think about it. The bicycle is an alternative to the car, but it is called a bicycle and not "a car with two wheels". So why insist on pretending or complicating things? 


Are we finally heading towards an industry where plant and animal-based products producers will find themselves in harmony and balance without opposing each other and pointing fingers? Let's hope so because the planet needs it. 



Beverages are always a source of innovation 

If there is one segment where innovations were abundant at this SIAL 2022, it was in my opinion in the beverage segment. 


  • Maté: a trendy drink this year will be maté. This beverage from Latin America was used in a variety of ways. It was found for example in kit form (bronze winner of the Innovation Awards), or at many exhibitors as a natural energy drink, source of caffeine, antioxidants, B vitamins and minerals.
  • It's good for your gutt: also, I noticed here and there some fermented lemonades whose promise is to bring good to your insides. Far from wanting to compete with the big, well-known soda producers, there were a few startups and producers who were banking on the fermented lemonade trend for the coming months. 
  • Bubbles in a bag: The startup Bubble It presented a concept to make sparkling water without a machine but with a bag of powder. No plastic to transport, no machine to buy or produce, and healthy ingredients are the promises of this company that aims to reduce the plastic footprint of the industry and shake up the existing players. 
  • Beer is more than just beer. One might think that the brewing industry is similar everywhere and only plays on the origin of its ingredient and its know-how. Still, I found two concepts that stood out and took different paths:
    • One with the inclusive beer coming from the Brasserie de Silly. It is a quality lager whose image and branding emphasize the inclusiveness of all. 
    • The other one with the Superfood Beers range: a range of beers that stands out because it really offers a series of varieties using different seeds or natural superfoods (for example goji, peace seed, carrot, ...) This gives each beer of the range a unique taste and identity. Personally, I recommend their APY. 



Clearly, this vintage of SIAL 2022, has again offered us a view on the current and future market trends. So, expect the plant and beverage offerings on your shelves to evolve in the coming months. 









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