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Agenda November

Agenda November

Here is a selection of November events to note in your agenda. 


For everyone, a day only counts 24 hours, and a week only 7 days. So, you have to make choices. However, here are a few events that deserve their place in your calendar this month:


  • SIMA
    • The exhibition for agriculture that wants to highlight technological and sustainable solutions. Let's not forget that the starting point of our food industry starts with an efficient, healthy and planet-friendly agricultural industry. 
    • From 6th till 10th of November 2022, Paris, France
    • https://www.simaonline.com
  • Connect Lille
  • Horeca Expo
    • The event for Belgian professionals active in restaurants, hotels, catering, hospitality…
    • From 20th till 24th of November 2022, Ghent, Belgique
    • https://www.horecaexpo.be/nl/
  • All4Pack
    • The show offers a Packaging, Processing, Printing and Logistics offer for all sectors of activity related to the packaging and intralogistics sectors
    • From 21st till 24th of November 2022, Paris, France
    • https://www.all4pack.com
  • Black Friday 
    • Friday 25th of November 2022
    • There are two ways for a retailer: either you play the game of sometimes extremely crazy promotions, or you decide to play the sustainability card by ignoring the day or by replacing it with an action intended to raise awareness among your customers and do something for the planet or a good cause. The choice is yours. 









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