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Barcelona welcomes Free from Food 2015

Barcelona welcomes Free from Food 2015

After Brussels, it’s Barcelona this year

People suffering from allergies do need to change their diets when they discover their intolerance to certain substances. However, these shoppers do not wish to change their supermarkets. So you see Retailers making an effort nowadays to extend their range of food ‘free of’.

The fair Free From Food Expo aims to be the main international event on free-from. This year it will take place beginning of June in Barcelona. Buyers, agents, wholesalers… are all expected in the Spanish city.

Exhibitors are coming from the UK, USA, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Israel just to name a few

As the market of free-from is still in full development, to inform and educate the trade is extremely important. Therefore, the organizer does well with a very extensive program of conferences and seminars. For example visitors will be able to attend round tables on free-from products in Spanish pharmacies, or presentation on the Sugar Free market…


My 20/CENT on Free From Food

Due to a busy agenda, I have to make choices and sadly cannot attend this edition. It is in a way sad, as I strongly believe in the need for such an event. The free-from market is booming, and not just because it is trendy. It is a necessity as many are diagnosed with allergies. It is vital that these consumers are also presented with healthy but also tasty and pleasing alternatives.

However, I must say that having visited last year’s event and looking at this year’s edition (mainly from the website), I feel the road for the free-from industry is very long still. On one hand, many exhibitors I met last year have nice attractive products. But still lack the knowledge or capacity to have what it takes to export (for example: packaging needs adaptation, unrealistic expectations on volumes, …).

On the other hand what strikes me is that in terms of organization, the fair organizer can do more to make the event sexier. Last year’s edition was a bit quiet to my taste (not many animations, signs like in the nineties…). Furthermore, all texts on the communication are very biased and sales oriented. Of course, I expect an organizer to use terms such as ‘leading event’ and so on. But I expect at the same time a bit more content than that. Otherwise I start to have doubts on what is announced. Finally, it’s not clear to me why the event is suddenly in another city. Is it an itinerant fair? It is stated nowhere.

But anyway, the theme of the fair is too lucrative and important. So if you have the opportunity to go, you shouldn’t hesitate.


Free From Food, 4th and 5th of June 2015, Gran Via, Fira Barcelona, Spain www.freefromfoodexpo.com

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