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October Agenda
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October Agenda


Here is a selection of October events to note in your agenda. 


For everyone, a day only counts 24 hours, and a week only 7 days. So you have to make choices. However, here are three events that deserve their place in your agenda this month:



  • SIAL Paris: after the forced stalemate of 2020, food professionals are finally meeting in Paris for the unmissable SIAL Paris. The event will take place from October 15 to 19 at Paris Nord Villepinte. (www.sialparis.com )
  • EIT Food: an annual event organised by EIT Food. The goal of this gathering is to bring together stakeholders in the food sector around themes and initiatives to create healthy food systems that sustain society and the planet. (October 17-18, https://www.eitfood-annualevent.eu )
  • Mercury Award Ceremony: As every year Comeos will award the Mercury Award for the most innovative and disruptive retail concept. This year, the ceremony will be preceded by Innovation Talks, seminars designed to inspire retail professionals. (https://www.comeos.be/academyevent/582472/Mercuriusprijs-2022-Innovatie-Talks)