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Take Away, Pizza and Vending all together
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Take Away, Pizza and Vending all together

A gathering of three events

Next 8th and 9th of June, three shows will gather for the first time: Vending & Barista Benelux, Pizza Benelux and Take Away. The organizer of these three shows decided this year to join his three events in order to offer a complete range to its visitors.

Visitors interested in these various sectors will find

  • At Vending & Barista Benelux: operators, suppliers, payment methods...
  • At Pizza Benelux: suppliers, new technologies, equipment...
  • At Take Away: suppliers, manufacturers, the latest industry trends...

Pierre Dahdah, Founder: "To create and maintain quality events is a battle that must be fought. Not only, the crisis has played its part but also the competition with international shows, even those on other continents! Great satisfaction is felt within the group for having managed to collect as many exhibitors and dare to launch the Take Away. Our strength is that our offer is very structured and we are different from others as we bring together players that you do not usually see elsewhere."

Key figures and facts

The fair Vending and Barista Benelux is in its fourth edition, for Pizza Benelux it’s the third. Concerning Take Away, it is a premiere, but already very popular. The organizer told us they consider doubling this part devoted to snacking for next year’s event.

Otherwise in figure:

  • 5000 m2 of exhibition space, (including one fifth taken by the catering and animation of the pizza championship)
  • About 100 exhibitors
  • Countries represented: Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and even Taiwan

Regarding the expected number of visitors, the organizer cannot say for sure, since it is the first time that the three fairs are held together under one roof. But he assured us that pre-registration figures indicate they are going in the right direction.

The various events not to be missed

  • Competitions Pizzaïolo Benelux and European Union Pizza Trophy: a competition open to pizzaiolos who will compete on technical and creative events
  • Conferences and Seminars: sessions on the latest trends in different sectors
  • Business corner: as mentioned a catering part is foreseen. On this dedicated space one can definitely sit down and conduct meetings without interferences. The space is accessible to all.


My 20/CENT on the event

If the weather is wet, you better prepare yourself, as the parking of Tours and Taxis is usually a disaster. But that's a detail.

Let us focus instead on the performance. Knowing the means and conditions in which the organizer works, we must salute the fact they manage to convince so many exhibitors.

Having visited the previous editions, I can confirm that the “fair-engine is running properly”. The organization is more than correct, exhibitors will meet your expectations and I really like the system of the business corner. The space is wide and fulfills its primary function: you indeed can sit and chat with your partners or prospects carefree.

Moreover, it is also interesting to note that the themes are very well chosen. The vending industry is little known and has no other event in Belgium, or even in the Benelux to my knowledge. The on the go consumption is also a sector knowing a lot of development.

So in short expect to cross my path on the event and/or read a visit report on these pages in the second week of June.



Vending & Barista Benelux, Pizza Benelux and Take Away, on 8th and 9th of June 2015, Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium, www.vendingbenelux.com, www.pizzabenelux.com


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