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20CENT STYLE presents Arduina a committed coffee

20CENT STYLE presents Arduina a committed coffee

Is there a link between coffee and the Ardennes? Well, yes! For this episode of 20/CENT STYLE, I am pleased to present Arduina Le P'tit Torréfacteur, a Belgian start-up with a strong Ardennes DNA. 

As the name suggests, Arduina's range consists of coffee. But the story goes further than just offering quality coffee beans roasted in the Ardennes. This young company is following the trends in its segment and has decided to be a local, quality, ethical, but also committed brand. 


Retail and office products

When you think of coffee, you expect to find quality products that are also fair trade. This is the case for the products in the range, whether they are Arduina blends from Bolivia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, El Salvador or Indonesia. But there are still other appealing elements in the startup's concept. 

In addition to the references available for traditional sales outlets, Le P'tit Torréfacteur also offers a complete solution for businesses. Indeed, a company can obtain from Arduina all the elements necessary for a successful coffee break for its employees. Whether your company looks to lease a professional coffee machine, order consumables or coffee, there is a turnkey solution. 


A committed brand that invites you to be a sustainable consumer 

But the concept that appeals to me most about the brand is its latest offering: bulk coffee. Especially since this one comes from a commitment to the climate and the planet. 

Starting from the discouraging observation that the forests of our planet are in danger, including in the Ardennes (this is even truer with the many hectares of forest that are currently going up in smoke), Fabian Evrard, the founder of the company, has given himself the mission of bringing a solution to the problem. The challenge is great and everyone can contribute: "It is important to preserve, restore and create forests in the Ardennes, in Belgium and in the world. Forests are the best solution for the climate and for biodiversity. Let's act together”.

The issue of packaging must also be tackled according to Fabian Evrard who continues: "Every day, like you, I accumulate, I pile up, I collect, and then I sort my waste as much as possible. 1 kilo is the weight of our waste in ONE day for ONE person. Doesn't that make you wonder? I'm appalled by this and I've decided to do something about it on my own little level...". 

And the solution is twofold: bulk and a commitment. From now on, Arduina coffees will be delivered to grocery shops and businesses in a reusable metal bucket that will keep the coffee fresh. This is a truly eco-responsible approach, as the buckets used will be part of a deposit system. So, the idea is not to use bulk packagings which often end up being extra waste for the shop. The company is talking about reducing waste, while having thought about the entire delivery chain. 

In addition, there is also a commitment. The idea is very simple: 10 kg of bulk coffee corresponds to one tree planted. The company hopes to plant at least one thousand trees per year. 


My 20/CENT

In the coffee segment, any brand must be fair, sustainable and of course offer a quality product. These are kind of the necessary prerequisites or standards of the market. What I find interesting about the Arduina concept is that it is also a brand that offers consumers a positive experience in many ways. The prerequisites are met. But in addition to enjoying their coffee moment, the consumer can do something for the planet by participating in a sustainable and committed concept. 

And above all, it is not a "false bulk" solution. Indeed, the bucket deposit system is real and allows to reduce unnecessary packaging considerably. Even if we think that we can't do everything on our own, we must remember that every gesture counts. And an accumulation of small gestures can make a difference. At the end of the day, remembering this commitment every morning, or at every well-deserved coffee break, can only be beneficial for our planet. 








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