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Another innovation in the retail landscape this May. Delhaize has decided to launch the first home delivery subscription in the Belgian food retailing sector. The formula is called delivery + and is a response to the increasing frequency of e-commerce purchases. 


The motive

The reason for such a launch is in line with the evolution of the market in Belgium. Even if our country is still lagging behind in e-commerce according to many reports and experts, it is a fact that following the periods of confinement linked to Covid, the market is transforming and e-commerce is experiencing significant growth. 

In order to be better equipped to face this progressive evolution of demand, last March, Delhaize had already invested in its infrastructure and in particular in a third hub (regional distribution centre) in the province of Liège in order to extend its delivery area to 97% of the country. 


The how

Customers can choose between a 3-month or 12-month formula. For subscribers the benefits are simple: unlimited free delivery, free products and priority booking of specific time slots. 

The delivery + subscription formula is initially available in the Brussels Region and in four other major Belgian cities (Antwerp, Liege, Ghent and Leuven). Of course, if it proves successful, the concept will be extended to other cities and areas in the country. 


The future?

Subscription formulas already exist on other e-commerce platforms. In the food industry, there are also several companies that offer a type of package on meal boxes. Clearly, it was only a matter of time before a food retailer launched its subscription package. 

But more interestingly, what one might wonder is how the relationship between Zellik's retailer and its customers will evolve. It is conceivable that by creating a subscription, by linking the data of its loyalty program and those of its customers' purchasing habits, Delhaize will logically have the opportunity not only to build loyalty among its customers, but also to get to know them even better. This would make it possible, according to some analyses and algorithms, to anticipate the expectations and even the orders of its subscribers. 

A subscription can develop the customer relationship towards a closer connection. Obviously, we can of course ask ourselves whether other distributors will follow.










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