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The market share of private labels in Europe keeps increasing
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The market share of private labels in Europe keeps increasing

Two studies

The event of Amsterdam is since 1998 the moment for PLMA to publish the results of its International Private Label Yearbook. The study, performed by Nielsen, covers more than 7,000 product categories across 20 countries.

The main insight one can outline is that private label brands see their market share increase. At least 30% of all products sold in 15 countries are private label brands.

Next to the yearbook, PLMA also commissioned a new study, named "Today's European Shoppers", to take a look at consumer’s behavior.

Main insights

The main insights of both studies are the following:

  • Out of the 20 countries tracked by Nielsen in 2013, 16 posted volume market share gains
  • In some categories Private labels are dominant: in paper and hygiene products, frozen products, and pet products.
  • 46% of shoppers purchase Private label brands "frequently."
  • One out of four shoppers think they will buy a larger amount of own brands than currently in the year to come
  • Even if the economy improves, 8 out of 10 confirm they would not stop purchasing own brands.

So it seems that private label brands will continue to grow in the near future.

Private label market share by volume per country

  • Switzerland 53%
  • Spain 51%
  • Portugal 45%
  • United Kingdom 45%
  • Germany 44%
  • Belgium 41%
  • Austria 39%
  • France 35%
  • Poland 33%
  • Slovakia 33%
  • Finland 33%
  • Hungary 33%
  • Czech Republic 31%
  • Sweden 31%
  • Denmark 31%
  • The Netherlands 29%
  • Norway 28%
  • Greece 22%
  • Turkey 21%
  • Italy 20%



More info: www.plmainternational.com

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