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International Salute to Excellence 2015 by PLMA

International Salute to Excellence 2015 by PLMA

In the last couple of years, you hear here and there that private labels are also innovative products, and not just simple copies. And it is indeed the case. Therefore, you also see some organizations that have decided to organize awards for home brands. PLMA’s International Salute to Excellence Awards is one of those initiatives. The concept is now in its second year of existence and intends to honor retailers for their commitment to their own brands and give recognition to their innovative private label products.


The concept

Retailers, manufacturers or any PLMA-member can present products to be nominated. The products must of course be new to the marketplace and introduced within the past twelve months.

Then, all nominated products are presented to a panel of professionals. These are selected for their experience with product concepts, packaging, quality, product appearance and value for money.

Both Food (Dairy products, Nutritional and Dietary Supplements, Salty Snacks…) and Non-Food (Toiletries, Cosmetics, Skin Care, Body Care, …) products are evaluated.


This year’s edition

Brian Sharoff, President of PLMA was happy with this year’s entries: “The innovation at this year’s “International Salute to Excellence Awards” was really impressive, it reflects a long term trend. Private label no longer relies on me-too products for its appeal to consumers. Many retailers now have a very strong spirit of innovation and this is displayed in the award-winning products.

There were a good number of candidates this year:

  • More than 210 products
  • By 45 retailers
  • From 16 countries.

Also the jury could note a few trends amongst the nominees:

  • For food categories:
    • Ingredients offering health benefits or unusual flavors
    • More convenience in meal preparations
  • For non-food categories
    • Fruity and fresh scents
    • Men’s personal care products are getting more focus
    • Pet care items are getting premium
    • Laundry products are gaining in performance


Congratulations Belgium

Of course, I like to be chauvinistic when Belgium is on the winner’s list. So well done to both Carrefour Belgium end Delhaize for their winning products in the Food categories:

  • Carrefour Belgium with Carrefour Stick Thé Earl Grey in Hot Beverages
  • Delhaize Group with Taste of inspirations Chocolat Noir Figues et Noix in Confectionary



More info and all the winners at www.plmasalute.com


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