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20CENT Style Sacha Inchi Oil

20CENT Style Sacha Inchi Oil

There are products that we come across by chance and that seem interesting to present to you. Today in 20/CENT Style, here is an oil with an interesting history and a societal component: the Prellencia Sacha Inchi oil by the company Peacs srl.


Rich in Omega 3

More than 5000 years ago, the culture of Sacha Inchi began during the pre-Inca period in the Amazon region of Peru. The Inca tribes already consumed it for its multiple advantages.

The oil is obtained after a first cold pressure of the seeds of Sacha Inchi. 

In fact, this oil possesses numerous nutritional virtues with a proportion in average of 47% of omega 3 and 35% of omega 6, poly-unsaturated fatty acids that are indispensable to our organism.

The oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. It has also been recognized as a "Novel Food" for its qualities by the European Food Safety Authority.


A mission 

The company which markets this oil, also wishes to fulfil a social mission by supporting local producers. The idea is to offer to the farmers of Amazonia, and more particularly of Colombia, to replace the illicit cultures of coca by the development of a sustainable agriculture of Sacha Inchi. Jobs and stable incomes are thus assured while enhancing biodiversity. It is a project supported by the UNODC whose mission is to fight against drugs and crime. 


And an organic certification

Here is a product that I thought was appropriate to present because its presence in the shelves is still limited to a few BIO stores (where I was assured that the rotations are regular). Of course, I was not going to forget to mention that the product is certified. 

In short, it is a product with recognized nutritional virtues, an organic certification, and a societal and sustainable mission. 





For those who want more info: www.prellencia.com  






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