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20CENT MOOD It is a question of mindset

20CENT MOOD It is a question of mindset

Hello my friends, 



It's already a month into 2022 and this pandemic is still bothering us. Fortunately, it seems that positive signs are emerging. Let's hope that the new normal that we have been promised for more than two years (and which looks suspiciously like the old normal by the way) should arrive in a few weeks. Already, some openings are taking place in the world of trade shows and events. Last week I had the opportunity to visit the ISM in Cologne, and in the next few weeks there will be other international events such as VinexpoTavola, or Eurocis just to name a few.

Now, I would like to tell you that "reopening" is not enough, your mindset must also follow. Let me explain. When I visited this first ISM in two years, I could see that there were different approaches among the participants. On the one hand, and despite the sanitary constraints and the absence of many visitors, there were those who came with an open mind and who told me at the end of the day that despite everything, they were able to meet customers and potential new prospects. 

And then there were the others. Those who came dragging their feet and obviously who didn't want to make any effort. I unfortunately saw some sitting around doing nothing, others with a blank stare thinking in the distance, or some with their eyes fixed on their screens. I even saw one watching Netflix with his feet up on the table. (No, I won't name names). 

Of course, I'll let you guess which of these two groups had a successful event. And it does make you think that a lot is a matter of mindset. It is clear that circumstances are not the easiest today. But it is also certain that if your mindset is to complain, to point the finger at the retailer who supposedly isn't moving, to criticize the event organizer who should have cancelled, to blame the constraints of the pandemic or even your horoscope, nothing will change. 

In short, let's all try to look at the opportunities, even if they don’t present themselves like in the days prior to the pandemic. And above all, let's try to keep a positive and open mind. For those who do not share this point of view, continue to stay glued to your screens, I will not disturb you in your defeatism if we meet on another event in the coming weeks. 



...I look forward to writing to you very soon 










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