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What are the trends in vending in Europe?

What are the trends in vending in Europe?

The EVA recently published its latest report on the European vending and Office Coffee Service (OCS) industry. Obviously, the document has to be read in context of the lockdowns and extreme limitations placed on businesses last year. However, the report is still pretty interesting and relevant if you ask me as it covers 24 European countries. 


What can we learn from the report? 

Well, the market report quantifies the hit to both vends and revenue last year, it also demonstrates the technology trends such as the acceleration of the roll out of certain innovations (micro markets, payments systems…). 

Just to give you some highlights: 

  • There are now 4.4m vending machines across Europe, delivering 25.4 billion vends annually.
  • Total 2020 revenue reduced 31% from 2019 to €12.3 billion.
  • The Italian market again counts the largest field base with over 800,000 machines.
  • The overall vending machine penetration across Europe is about 200 people per machine. The Netherlands has the highest rate (with only 55 people for every machine), with Turkey having the lowest (1,890).
  • The German market revenue is €2.53 billion, a decrease of 20% from 2019, but still the largest market by revenue
  • Hot drinks machines make up 96% of total vends in Norway and 94% in Finland 
  • Despite revenue losses due to Covid of 14%, the underlying trends in Poland remain remarkably positive with continued significant investment in new machines (field base increase of 10% in 2020).


For those of you who want to learn more, the 179 pages report is available if you contact the European Vending & Coffee Service Association directly.





For more information about the report or the EVA: vending@vending-europe.eu





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