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Delhaize Wine Fairs back to basics
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Delhaize Wine Fairs back to basics

The September-October period is traditionally synonymous with wine fairs in the various supermarkets. It was in this context that I recently had the opportunity to attend a press conference at Delhaize as a prelude to its September fairs. 


The trend remains upwards

So, what is the message from the buyers and the group? Firstly, it should be noted that the wine category is doing well. The beginning of 2021 has started very well, as these figures show:

  • Rosé volumes are up 17%.
  • Bag-in-box sales up 15%.
  • Prosecco sales up 18%.
  • Champagne is up 25%.

Also, what is interesting to note is that the different formats are popular. In the case of small bottles, Delhaize has noted that more than 150,000 units have been sold, and in the case of pouches (wine in a bag), more than 400,000 bags have been sold. The cans launched last March also sold a little over 100,000 units, which is not bad. 


The wine fair itself 

As far as the wine fairs is concerned, Delhaize will keep the winning formulas. That is to say, the assortments will be based on the differences between the regions of the country, and therefore respecting regional preferences. 

And of course, there will be various promotions, such as 25% off or 2+1 free bottles.

There will also be a focus on great wines or food associations, as in the past with the "Combine with your eyes closed" approach. 


My 20/CENT: Business...but not only business...

This was a live press conference (not a zoom meeting) and instead of receiving us at BOZAR, the lions had chosen to welcome the press at the historical headquarters in Osseghem. This was a wise choice as far as I was concerned. The setting and the method of presentation by the group's various wine buyers made the event more welcoming and allowed us to concentrate on the essential: the wine fair and its content. 

There were figures and numbers presented of course, and also a tasting of the top wines. But one of the elements that I retain is the fact that apart from the commercial aspect, there was a more human and passionate dimension in the speeches. No one is fooled, of course. Wine fairs are volumes, they are sales and wine buyers are there to make their category perform and evolve. But I did notice that for each wine presented, there was a deliberate, well thought-out and sometimes even heartfelt choice. Many times, during the conference or during 'off the record' discussions, it was whispered in my ear that "such and such a wine is great because of such and such a reason", or again, "Ah, you have to try this. This winemaker has been working with us for nearly thirty years, I even knew his grandfather”. In short, it's good to see that in the retail world, passion is still present for the product and not only for the sales figures that it represents.

For the fans, I will of course not end this article without mentioning the dates of the event. The wine fairs will take place at Delhaize from September 23rd to October 20th. 






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