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20CENT MOOD Is this cause for celebration?

20CENT MOOD Is this cause for celebration?

Hello my friends, 


As you may have heard, the Brussels Motor Show will take place next January. After a forced cancellation due to the pandemic, this is excellent news for the parties involved, the subcontractors and other companies for whom the show is synonymous with activity and turnover. According to the organizers and Brussels Expo, the fair is saved. But should we give in to euphoria? It should be noted that several brands will not be present at the next edition: MazdaVolvo and all the brands of the D'Ieteren group, which prefers to focus on digital tools and its dealers. 

COVID is boring, a mess, a pandemic, but also a great excuse. These hesitations, these postponements... all this hides the fact that the show was already feverish before the pandemic. The show, whose concept has remained unchanged for ages, may be a beautiful showcase for the automotive industry, but it is cruelly lacking in modernity. 

The same applies to the events at Brussels Expo. Renewal is overdue, and the Heysel is getting old. Other cities (and governments) have understood that events are economically important and are investing in their tools, for example: new car parks, sustainable public transport, modernized exhibition areas, digital platforms to enter the world of the hybrid event... Many trade fair platforms and organizers are modernizing. And these investments are paying off. Let's take the example of Paris, Cologne or Barcelona. Need I remind you? The famous Seafood Expo Global has moved to the modernized Fira of Barcelona...leaving good old Brussels. A city where euphoria is the order of the day because the famous Motor Show will take place (for information, the SEG should annually bring 100 million euros to Barcelona, https://www.seafoodexpo.com/global/seafood-expo-global-seafood-processing-global-the-worlds-largest-seafood-trade-fair-will-bring-more-than-e100m-annually-to-barcelona/  ). 

But let's not worry. Next year, the organizers and Brussels Expo will not have to worry about anything. The NEO 2 or 3 or number 456 project will soon be completed, right? Nah, you know what? Next year when the debate starts again, or worse, when it’s all over with the show or Brussels Expo, let’s just blame COVID. 



...looking forward to writing to you very soon 






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