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20CENT Style Yum’mix

20CENT Style Yum’mix

For this new episode of 20/CENT Style, I would like to tell you about YUM'MIX, a range of veggie burgers. This assortment is quite different and even more innovative than other solutions already on the market. Therefore, I believe it's worth devoting a few lines to this concept. 


An instant mix concept

Three steps and it’s ready 

The idea already existed in other segments or for other types of foods. Just think of sauces, waffles, pancakes, cakes... But powder to prepare your veggie burger is an innovative idea for the meat substitute category. The product is packaged in sachets, and more precisely, one box contains two sachets of 50g. each, which makes it possible to prepare 4 burgers. 

The preparation is easy and is done in three steps

  1. Put the sachet in a bowl with water (50g for 100ml of water)
  2. Mix and shape your burger by hand or with a mould
  3. Cook for about ten minutes on a low heat. 

The YUM'MIX range is available in three versions: ClassicTex-Mex and Italiano

Appetizing arguments 

As well as being an innovative concept, the range has some interesting aspects and arguments. The product is suitable for consumers who follow a vegan diet, the burgers are gluten-free and have a Nutriscore A. 

Also, the packaging is quite attractive and gives essential information about the natural ingredients, the preparation method or the brand's social networks. 

Finally, I should not forget to mention that the shelf life is quite long, which should interest many of you. 


My 20/CENT: A product that keeps its promises

When I first discovered the product, my curiosity was naturally aroused. A powdered burger? I had never seen anything like it before. And so, I tested the product. 

For the preparation, using a mould is not necessary. But if you have some in your kitchen, feel free to use the shape you prefer. Above all, it is important to mention that it is very simple to prepare and very quick. 

Then comes the taste, a very important aspect of course. The texture is obviously different from a meat, but it is not to be compared. I would even go so far as to say that this range is more enjoyable than many meat alternatives or substitutes already on the market. There is no aftertaste of milk, soya or even cardboard protein. The finished product is very pleasant. The Classic lives up to its name, the Italiano has recognisable notes of oregano and the Tex-Mex surprised me very pleasantly.

In short, the preparation is very simple and the taste is great. 

Then from a professional point of view, in my opinion, the approach to the concept is interesting. I don't have the feeling that I am faced with a pretend meat that is disguised in marketing or that is placed in a fresh section to appeal to the consumer's primary instinct. Here, the concept is what it is: a simple veggie burger, a powder in a professionally conceived packaging. I find nothing shocking, no opposition to existing shelves or products, no opposition to meat. Taste and simplicity are emphasised, not opposition. In my opinion, it is a strength of this range to put these elements forward, and to fulfil these promises. It is with this kind of approach that the consumer will be led to choose more meat substitutes and that consumption habits will change. 

To conclude, I would simply say that this YUM'MIX range has surprised me very pleasantly. It is an innovative concept, which keeps its promises and has its place on the shelves. In short, I hope to see it more present in supermarkets or on restaurant menus. 





For those who want more information or wish to contact the manufacturer directly: www.yum-mix.com