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Podcast 20CENT chats with Tristan Finet from Decathlon
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Podcast 20CENT chats with Tristan Finet from Decathlon

“Rugby Football Indoor Darts” are not what the letters RFID stand for. Yet Decathlon, the retailer specialised in sports equipment, has invested a lot in the technology. 

For those who wonder, RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification and the technology uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. Usually, RFID is associated with inventory and supply chain. But in this episode, you will learn that more can be done with RFID. 

My guest is Tristan FinetProgram Support Officer and RFID Communication Leader at Decathlon. He will tell us how the organization uses RFID in various domains and for much more than just speeding up its inventory processes.


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