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20CENT MOOD It's time to dive back in

20CENT MOOD It's time to dive back in

Hello my friends


Summer ends, and we are all back to work!

I hope everything went well for you the last couple of weeks. And I suppose, after you've taken care of the 4567 messages waiting for you in your email box, you will dive back into work head first. 

Diving head first? It might not be so sure. Field visits are starting again, trade fairs and conferences are allowed again, ...but I hear from left to right that many people still hesitate to go on field trips. Moreover, some companies still disallow their employees to move.  

This is normal in a way, because teleworking and teleconferencing have proven their efficiency. Unnecessary travel is therefore best avoided. But we must recognise that for some elements or activities, the field is the only real place to be. And this month of September will allow us to resume face-to-face contacts, now that the safety measures are being eased and vaccinations are taking effect. Of course, one must still respect the rules and basic instructions of hygiene, let’s not be stupid. 

As far as I'm concerned, now that the summer break is coming to an end, it's good to see you again. And so, the routine resumes with weekly content on these pages and on the podcast. And who knows, we will cross paths on an event very soon. 


...looking forward to writing to you very soon 







20cent Mood