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BioXpo an event for and by the organic sector
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BioXpo an event for and by the organic sector

It’s a collaboration

A new event for the organic sector is coming. End of September, BioXpo will be held for the first time next to Vitasana in Brussels. The new exhibition is a collaboration between Bioforum Vlaanderen, Biowallonie, Probila-Unitrab, VLAM, Horeca Vlaanderen and many other organizations in the sector.

Organically certified products will be central. In terms of exhibitors, attendees can expect to see: suppliers of organic farmers, processors, organic farmers, contractors, and packers, ...just to name a few.

It is a professional show, so therefore only accessible to professionals and trade visitors.


My 20/CENT is looking for more info

A new exhibition, and in Brussels you say? My interest has indeed awakened. In a later article I will soon publish more info.

But on the website I could already guess that 'classic' items such as cooking demonstrations and seminars are planned. Even a childcare service is announced.

Well I'm curious to see the result.



BioXpo, 27 and 28 September 2015 Brussels Expo, Brussels, Belgium, www.bio-xpo.be