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Delhaize Westland completely rebuilt

Delhaize Westland completely rebuilt

On Thursday July 8th, under the applause of a very enthusiastic staff, the Mayor of Anderlecht cut the ribbon a little earlier than the official announced time, to make the reopening of the Delhaize Westland Supermarket official. Having arrived only a fraction of a second later, I could have witnessed this solemn moment. But honestly, the rush was totally justified. After months of waiting and hard work, the shop's teams were obviously eager to welcome the customers who were already impatient at the doors in the early hours. 


Three months of work

The transformations took about three months and represent an investment of 4,150,000 euros. 

This new Delhaize Westland is of course based on the well-known Delhaize concept. 

And for those who like figures, the store 

  • Spans over an area of 2414 m²,
  • has 56 employees,
  • Offers a range of 17,000 products,
  • And the check-out area has 5 checkouts and 12 Quick Scans.

Marc de CraeneDirector of the Delhaize Westland, is very happy with the result: "Lighting, space, inspiration through a wide range of healthy and quality products, service and convenience characterize the new Delhaize Westland supermarket. Delhaize is listening to its customers more than ever to meet their needs even better. I think this new shop concept is a testament to that. And I am convinced that our customers will agree with me”.


The Delhaize concept is still being refined and improved

Since the launch in Nivelles in 2018, the Delhaize supermarket concept has evolved well. At the opening, I had the opportunity to follow a guided tour with the official delegation; and in addition to the classic features of the concept, I also noticed some interesting points: 

  • The service stands: the butcher's department, the fishmonger's, the new sushi department and the bakery offer a wide range of choices and inspire with freshness and variety. 
  • Transparency: as a visitor, you can easily see into the workstations through windows behind the counters.
  • Sustainability is present: among other things, reusable cotton bags are available for fruit and vegetables, there is a fairly large bulk section (which always means less plastic waste), etc.

Finally, I noticed one important element during my visit to the shop: the service! Of course, with several counters, service and know-how are emphasized. But what I noticed most of all was that the staff present offered a service to the customers. The proof of this is the spontaneous smile at the reception desk, in the aisles, but also the counsellor I saw in the bakery department, or the elderly customer who was assisted for a long time by a member of staff to find and choose her care product. Clearly a service!


For the moment, the Westland shopping mall is still undergoing major renovations. These will not be completed until June 2022 and will certainly have an impact on the number of visitors. But despite this setback, with the same level of service and smile, this Delhaize Westland will undoubtedly be a highlight of the mall, and even of the lion's network.