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Podcast 20CENT chats with Corinne Moreau CEO of Promosalons

Podcast 20CENT chats with Corinne Moreau CEO of Promosalons

In this episode, I chat with Corinne MoreauCEO of Promosalons


Due to the pandemic the event industry accelerated its digital transformation and many announce the down of the hybrid era, where events will combine digital and live. 


After the first episode with the founders of MAD//FEST, this second instalment gives you the views of one of the leaders of the industry. Corinne Moreau explains how the digitalisation is only an acceleration of what was already in the pipeline, and she shares her views on how the future events will look like. So, these are great insights on how you, as a professional, will be impacted and how your networking events will be thoroughly and safely prepared. 



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