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20CENT MOOD Ronaldo the influencer

20CENT MOOD Ronaldo the influencer

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Cristiano Ronaldo influences the market price of Coca-Cola and this proves the power of influencers? Does it? Really?

The incident has been widely reported and used as an example by many agencies and media, claiming that it was a demonstration of the power of influencers. Ronaldo's gesture is said to have caused Coca-Cola's share price to fall from $56.16 to $55.55, equivalent to a loss of $4 billion. But let's think about it.

First of all, the press conference took place at about 3:45 pm in Europe. So, it was 9:45 in New York where the stock is traded. What is interesting to note is that at that time (9.45am), Coca-Cola's share price had already fallen to $55.25 compared to its rating the day before. In other words, the loss had already occurred before the famous press conference. After the event, the stock recovered slightly and closed at the above-mentioned value of $55.55. 

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that the Atlanta-based company had distributed its dividends on June 14 and that the week after the dividend payment, the stock fell, as any stock does after a dividend payment. Clearly, the Portuguese player's gesture was not the cause of Coca-Cola's share movements on that day. 

The idea of criticising an athlete who has achieved a lot in his field and won many trophies is far from my mind, even if honestly I often find that fair play takes a hit when I see him dropping like a leaf or grumbling unnecessarily against referees and opponents. But still! To go and believe that his influence is so great and that influencers are the absolute weapons of tomorrow for brands, it is a step too far for me and it ignores the facts. 

So, for all those who have praised the power of Ronaldo, and also the power of such influencers, let me remind you that actually, the facts prevail. 



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