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20CENT STYLE Pret-à-Porter
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20CENT STYLE Pret-à-Porter

There are products that deserve to be on the supermarket shelves and here is a new one in the section. Today in 20/CENT Style you will find Prêt-à-Porter from Maison Mirabeau

This is a rosé wine in cans. Yes, I did say cans. The taboo of wine in this type of container is (finally) forgotten and it is possible to find good wines in these formats. 

The Prêt-à-Porter wine comes from the Provence. It offers a delicate peachy pink color, fruity aromas of white peach, strawberry and pear, with a hint of orange and rose jam. 

When it comes to food pairing, it goes well with Asian dishes, tortillas or salads. Now what this format allows is to enjoy it easily outside during a break from a walk or a picnic. As far as I'm concerned, if I can give you a tip based on my experience. On a bike ride with a stop, the 25cl can is perfect to carry and share with two people. 

Unfortunately, you can’t find it on the supermarket shelves (or maybe not yet). But for those of you who want to find it, I suggest you check schenk@schenk.be to find out where the nearest store is. 






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