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20CENT MOOD The podcast is finally here

20CENT MOOD The podcast is finally here

Hello my friends, 


At last! I have been working on the concept for a while and I can finally announce it: 20/CENT Retail is launching a podcast!

The idea had been in my head for a while. Especially since some of you were regularly asking me if I was considering video, audio, etc... My choice naturally fell on the creation of a podcast. Indeed, it is a medium that is currently popular and it offers many advantages: fewer technical constraints than video, the possibility of recording remotely, ease of distribution on different platforms, listeners have their hands free to sip coffee or practice their sports while listening...

Basically, the podcast will be available on your favourite platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcast) and it will deal with the same topics you regularly find on the pages of 20/CENT Retail: concepts, innovations, the leading industry events and the trends shaping retail today and tomorrow. To address the topics, different experts and international leaders participate in the different episodes. I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and calibre of the participants. 

Of course, I am not abandoning my pen, and you will continue to find the same kind of topics and articles on the pages of www.20CENTRETAIL.com

I hope you will continue to enjoy the content, whether it is readable or audible. 



…until the next lines

…and the next words








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