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Happy birthday My 20/Cent
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Happy birthday My 20/Cent

It has been a year already

Actually, the real date was last week, but as it was a busy week I only get to celebrate it with you today. Personally, I am quite pleased to mark this date in my agenda as this blog launched last year is still running, and still has plans for the future.


Thank you all!

It sounds cliché, and I can reassure you, I am not going to give you a fluffy mushy speech fueled by too much champagne of the birthday party.  But I have to THANK YOU for your visits, and your growing interest.

What pleases me is to see that my reader base is quite international. Obviously, the majority of you are coming from the Benelux, and more particularly Belgium. Some neighboring European countries are also regulars (e.g. France, United Kingdom…). But to my surprise, North America and South America, particularly Brazil, are often visiting these pages.

Finally, you don’t seem to just drop in for a quick visit, you take your time. Analytics show me, that you enjoy reading at least three articles per visit, and you usually stay around seven minutes over here.


What’s next?

Well last year when I launched My 20/Cent, I didn’t communicate my goals. This year, let’s change this habit for the years to come.

  • Slightly increase the rhythm: Last year, my intention was to achieve a rhythm of one article per week, which I managed to achieve in the end. But seeing, visitors increasing, and since I am getting more and more spontaneous requests, I’ll definitely aim to increase that rhythm for the next year. However, don’t expect the rhythm of a well-established media, I still have other professional projects and do all translations myself.
  • Better timings for translations: Speaking of translation, getting all articles translated at the same time, is the one bit that I am not doing so well for the moment. So to my Dutch-speaking readers, I do apologize and intend to bring a solution to the situation, as you are the ones suffering most of this.
  • Better timings for Social Media: Usually, I share my articles also through various social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin…). But as I noticed many of you are not in the same time zone as I am, the plan is to post future items at different appropriate times for all continents. So it’s good news for those who used to get up in the middle of the night to follow my posts.
  • Increase the ‘fan base’: Through more communication, I intend to grow the amount of readers, and regulars. Don’t worry; I won’t start a big massive and unnecessary campaign to get millions of people visiting. But so far the readership grew only organically, and I believe other professionals can be reached. Especially for Asian readers as I see you start popping in once in a while.
  • More of the same winning recipe: In terms of content, I noticed you enjoy the previews, and the visits to the different events of our industry. So I’ll continue to focus on that, with the occasional study found left and right.

Of course I will not forget to give my personal comment, as it is one of your most recurrent requests in your feedbacks and comments.


My 20/Cent on 20/Cent Retail

When I started sharing my views on these pages, the intention was actually to just showcase my experience to potential prospects. As some projects were developing slower than expected, I decided to utilize my time and invested more efforts on these pages. I am very pleasantly surprised of the outcome and results so far and the requests that came out of it (moderation at conferences, advice requests to optimize fair experiences, spontaneous requests of articles…). So again thank you all for your regular visits, and I hope to celebrate many more birthdays like this one.



Also don’t hesitate to contact me if you have stories you feel the visitors of these pages would enjoy to see. blog@20100retail.be

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