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Refrigerated Vending Machines get an energy label

Refrigerated Vending Machines get an energy label

It is a big change for the vending industry. On the 1st of marc,h new regulations will be in place concerning the energy labels on refrigerated vending machines. Concretely, the new rules will see the least efficient machines banned from being sold and all new chilled machines will require to display an official energy label. It means that refrigerated vending equipment will have an energy rating, similar to what you already find on TV’s, or washing machines for example. 

Previously, there used to be an Energy Measurement Protocol (EMP). It was a system developed by EVA technical experts, and it enabled manufacturers to test and compare similar machines. But the EVA withdrew its EMP for refrigerated machines in July 2019 to help prepare the industry for the changes the new regulations bring. 

The new Regulations and the official energy consumption standard EN 50597 go beyond this previous voluntary approach and introduce the most common refrigerated vending machines to stringent new targets and obligations.

Need to update your buying guides

Actually, the introduction of this new regulation system will have a big impact on procurement. The fact is that many governmental and institutional buying guides currently require machines rated Class B or better. But the new regulation based on the new official energy label (based on a A-G rating) will not permit any refrigerated vending machine to be better than a Class C at its introduction and has been designed so that most machines cannot be a Class A until at least 10 years from now. So, buying guides need to be updated immediately. 

Inspiring transparency

It is interesting to point out that the EVA and its technical experts have been working with the EU Commission on these files since 2013. So, one can conclude that the industry is working on its energy efficiency for quite some time. 

It is also interesting to note that prior to this new regulation, the industry already had a system in place to ensure that machines would be energy efficient and to force manufacturers to work towards better standards. Now with the label displayed on the machines, the system will be even more transparent as the information will also be available to users, and consumers. 







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