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20CENT MOOD There is movement
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20CENT MOOD There is movement

Hello my friends, 



Weeks go by and seem to be the same. Will open or will not open, will happen or will not happen, postponed or cancelled, allowed or not allowed... the blur is still total on a lot of activities and professions. 

Fortunately, it seems that compared to last year, the activity of 2021 is not at a standstill. 

First of all, we've reached a point where many people are simply saying that waiting is no longer possible. Secondly, it also seems that a few innovations are on the horizon. 

So, in the next articles, I will tell you about events that are going digital or are deciding to offer digital meeting moments while waiting to reopen their doors. There will be topics such as the SIMA digitalTavola Online and the ISM, among others. 

Finally, I will continue with some innovations that are coming to your shelves or deserve special attention. There is movement in the fresh departments, and I will also tell you the stories of some who I think deserve a little more space or attention. 

To conclude, even if the crisis is not yet behind us, and even if the light is not yet in sight at the end of the tunnel, at least we can feel that things are moving.




…until the next lines







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