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20CENT Style Cardoen launches Aiways U5
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20CENT Style Cardoen launches Aiways U5

After starting to sell online last November, Cardoen, the car supermarket, will now also sell an electric car. 

The electric car segment in Belgium gains a new brand with the arrival of the Aiways U5, an SUV that will be on sale exclusively at Cardoen in Belgium. 

For those like me who discover the brand, Aiways is a Chinese electric car manufacturer founded in 2017. Its name means "AI (artificial intelligence) is on the way". 


The electric car is popular but its price is not

For Ivo Willemsco-CEO Cardoen, the price of electric cars often remains a concern for consumers: "Almost every week we receive a request for an electric, but economical car. If we tell the consumer that it will cost at least 10,000 euros more than a comparable petrol car, the client’s interest is quickly lost. The purchase price of an electric car remains a stumbling block. With the launch of the Aiways U5, we can offer our customers an affordable electric family car at the same price as a well-equipped conventional SUV. This is also why we waited to offer an electric model, there was nothing on the market that was both family friendly and affordable".


A growing segment

The expansion of the Cardoen range with an electric model is easily explained if we look at the market figures. According to Traxio's figures, the popularity of electric cars continues to grow. In fact, the data shows, that 17.4% of all car sales in October 2020 were electric or hybrid, in November they were even 18.4%. 

Aiways is therefore a newcomer to the booming electric market.  And let's not forget that the government wants all Belgian company cars to be free of greenhouse gases from 2026; also, Europe recently announced that all cars must be emission-free by 2050. As a result, the demand for entry-level electric models should still have a bright future ahead of it. 




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