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20CENT MOOD Here we go again

20CENT MOOD Here we go again

Hello my friends, 



First things first. As this is the first article of the year, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for 2021. After a year that has been marked by the outbreak of the pandemic, I hope that these next few months will make you quickly forget the troubles of 2020. 

However, this beginning of the year unfortunately gives us a feeling of repetition and weariness. The pandemic is still raging and we will still have to worry about it and fight it for quite some time. But still, we are gradually learning to live with the constraints and this new year will be a year to restart and relaunch our activities. This may seem difficult to imagine, but let's remain optimistic. 

And to start the new year, the tradition is always to take a look at forecasts and the trends that await us. I will therefore share with you in next articles some interesting analyses from institutions or retail specialists such as Mintel or IGD and more. 

Then, to continue, I will present you other cool topics: digital and live events on the agenda (SIMAVMFAnuga…), innovations in the field of transport, sustainable development and many more. 

In short, let's get back to our good habits, keep an open mind and remain optimistic for the coming months. I am very happy to see you again and ... 



…until the next lines









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