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20CENT STYLE Comfortably installed with PlyGo

20CENT STYLE Comfortably installed with PlyGo

Whether for work or leisure, laptops and tablets are very practical tools in our daily lives. Though, staying in front of the screen for a long time is not always easy. In my daily routine, I often spend a lot of time writing on my laptop (as you probably know), and I'm lucky enough to have a suitable desk at home. However, when I'm on the road, finding a quiet and ergonomically adapted place is not always easy. Writing on my laptop in a waiting room, in the sofa of a lounge, or on a bed in a hotel room...after a while a cramp or muscle ache quickly sets in if I don't pay attention. But recently I came across an interesting and easy to use accessory called PlyGo. So, I thought I should tell you about it in this latest instalment of 20/CENT Style


An ingenious concept

The concept is simple, it is a foldable support designed for laptops and tablets. PlyGo was created by an engineer who was looking for a solution to work just about anywhere, whether sitting at a table or lying in a bed. After talking to him I quickly realised that a lot of time and thought had gone into the design of the accessory. Each screw, each angle, each anti-slip rubber...nothing was left to chance. 

Of course, many of you will tell me that foldable laptop supports already exist. That is true. But as far as I'm concerned PlyGo has many more advantages over other solutions. What is interesting in my opinion is the very practical side. The stand is foldable, collapsible...and very light (barely 310 g). And that makes it very practical for transport. In short, no worries about taking it with you when you travel. 

It's not very complicated either to position your accessory properly. Unfolding and tightening the screws is done quite quickly. And that's another advantage. Being able to adjust the configuration to different heights, inclinations or widths makes this accessory even more pleasant and ergonomic.

In addition, the system uses durable, solid materials that can be replaced if necessary. The PlyGo is made of aluminium and is shock-resistant during transport. If you happen to bend or damage a bar or any part, I am told that everything is replaceable if necessary.  


A little bit everywhere

As far as I am concerned, it’s a pleasure to use this support while sitting, lying down, or even standing. Simple, solid, stable, PlyGo has become a useful companion during my professional activities. And by the way, it's not only useful for work. I'm sure that like me, many of you use your tablets and laptops also for playing, entertainment, chatting with friends or watching movies. 

In short, rather than contorting myself into different positions once the cramps set in, I'm quite happy to be looking at my screen comfortably from now on. And with teleworking becoming more widespread, I'm sure that many of you want to do the same. 



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