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Visiting the Artisans Ciriers Bruxellois
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Visiting the Artisans Ciriers Bruxellois

It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to discover a new shop concept. It has to be said that in this year 2020, the launch of innovative projects or points of sale are not legion. And even if it was the case, the constraints linked to the pandemic still prevents us to visit businesses freely. 

Nevertheless, recently I had the opportunity to go and visit and discover a rather nice concept (while respecting the rules of sanitary precautions of course). So, I'm going to tell you about a pop-up store, and more specifically the Artisans Ciriers Bruxellois


A family story

Behind the concept, we find Annette Eckhardt and Jean-Manuel Farcy who, after international careers and also a great adventure in the food industry, decide to change their professional careers. In search of more meaning, and with a desire to be closer to life and their young children, they left the corporate environment a little over a year ago. Then, by chance, they met Pedro Miguel, a wax artist based in Meudon, who was looking to pass on his know-how. Falling under the spell of the wax work, the concept, as well as the values and the sense of craftsmanship, Annette and Manu embark on the adventure and start the Artisans Ciriers Bruxellois. Since then, as certified craftsmen, they have been producing luminaries made of candle wax.


A pop-up store in Stockel

After starting the business in their own home, Annette and Manu felt the need to go out, meet customers and expose themselves. So, they decided to open a temporary shop in Stockel. If I understand correctly, the choice was a wise one because it has been a success and a request for a lease extension is already underway. 


More than just decoration

The pop-up store is conveniently located in the commercial district of Stockel. In itself, the concept of the outlet is simple. Several collections are presented in the shop window and according to different themes in the shop. Also, every visitor has a complete view of the workshop where the craftsmen work. A bit like in some restaurants where you have a complete view of the kitchen to admire where the magic happens. 

But what I find interesting in the concept developed by the artisans, is that their job is not simply confined to creating decorative objects. They have developed several services in line with the trade. It is possible to 'revive' your old luminaries by coming to deposit them for cleaning and (re)filling. 

Also, there is the possibility to personalize the creations by creating luminaries on request, with integration of photos for example. This seems to be quite popular for events or special occasions. Think of weddings, communions, company events, etc.

A B2B service also exists for shopkeepers wishing to illuminate their points of sale or shop windows. This is an interesting service for businesses such as restaurants, cafés, wellness institutes, wellness centers, or any type of business with shop windows. The artisans even offer a subscription service which allows a member to have his candle luminaries renewed several times during the year, according to the seasons or a pre-established calendar. 

Finally, the point of sale also allows the organization of children birthday parties during which free rein is given to creative minds.

Unfortunately, and of course, some services are necessarily restricted in this period of health crisis. But I wanted to mention them because they are part of the big picture and they demonstrate that the concept of the Artisans Ciriers Bruxellois goes much further than mere production. 


In short, for the curious and those who love a bright atmosphere, I invite you to visit the pop-up store as soon as possible. Especially right now during the end of the year, the festive season is a great opportunity. 



Les Artisans Ciriers Bruxellois

Rue de l’Eglise 144

B-1150 Bruxelles (Woluwé-Saint-Pierre)



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