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20CENT Mood Why so much negativity?
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20CENT Mood Why so much negativity?

Hello my friends


Are you also getting tired of the current atmosphere? This pandemic is still going on, the waves follow one another, the vaccines are overdue and seem they won’t be a definite answer to the pandemic, the pressure and the workload in retail continues, businesses are still and always arbitrarily divided between essential and non-essential by the authorities... it is a fact: the end of the year is really gloomy. 

To this we can add that for big gatherings such as events or trade fairs, next year promises to be another ordeal. This week, cancellations of major events were announced. Key leading appointments such as ProweinPhotokinaInterpack,ISM... will not take place next year. This kind of news makes one fear for the rest of the 2021 agenda as well. 

So, what can we do about it? Being negative it seems. Apparently, grumbling has become a discipline practiced by everyone. When I consult social networks, or read press articles, I notice that the tendency is to dwell on the negative and even find it where it is not. Proof of this came the other day when Delhaize, which has published its holiday guides, was questioned for having written that "Spending the holidays together is the most beautiful of gifts". A simple slogan, if you ask me. But obviously, instead of seeing a simple advertising tagline that is supposed to inspire, many interpreted it negatively and it turned into a superfluous buzz. Frankly, all this negativity is unnecessary and exaggerated. 

It is clear that 2020 can be described as a dark year. But at a certain point you also have to react positively. There is adversity, indeed. But there are two "simple" things to do. First, we must avoid the immobility induced by constant negativity. Growling, grumbling, complaining all the time... is using energy that is preventing you from moving forward and that could be concentrated elsewhere. Secondly, you have to try to find the positive or create it. If you look at the events sector, for example, you can see that the organisers are not moping about cancellations. They are disappointed as they should be. But they are also all working on reopening, as well as on new digitalisation projects, hybrid concepts and more. This is a good example of how to react. 

To put it plainly, I myself will follow my advice and stop complaining about the ambient grumbling and negativity. Therefore, I'm going to conclude this weekly post here and leave you to go and work on something else. Because if there is one lesson to be learned from this year 2020, it is that you have to practice patience and stay active in a positive way. 


…until the next lines


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