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20/CENT Style NOCNOC launches linen items

20/CENT Style NOCNOC launches linen items

In time of crisis, a company must show ingenuity, boldness and above all must not be afraid to question itself. And the case I present to you today in 20/CENT Style is an example of this. It concerns the company NOCNOC which operates appartʼhôtels in France. Like many others, the company is badly affected by the current health crisis. How is this company reacting to the challenge imposed by COVID? Through diversification, and more specifically the launch of a range of linen products sold online.


Who is NOCNOC? 

The story of NOCNOC began in 2014 when Alice, a student without much money, decided to rent a room in her flat on Airbnb in order to pay her rent. This positive experience as a host was repeated several times, and her reputation grew and got established. Over time the initial idea was transformed into a company. NOCNOC now has 24 employees and 70 flats in Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Montpellier, Nantes and Bordeaux. 

Adding a first European city to the offer in 2020 was on the agenda. Unfortunately, the health crisis linked to COVID changed the plans. 


Sustainable linen products

So rather than wait for the storm to pass, Alice Tourlonias and her collaborators decided to launch an online shop of 100% linen, sustainable and handmade items in Europe. "Lockdowns made us realise how essential it is to feel good at home. Our business model and its sustainability were also called into question. This is why we decided to diversify by offering our best references for sale" commented Alice Tourlonias, Founder of the company.

I took a look on the website and the offer. The products on display are similar to those used in the group's flats. Indeed, as the rotations in the flats damage the furniture prematurely, NOCNOC has found a craftsman to provide a compromise between slow consumption and design by dressing its sofas with easily washable covers in a noble material: linen. 

What more can I mention in conclusion except that the shop was launched on November 30th, just in time for the holidays. Deliveries are made all over Europe. 

So, let's hope that this new activity will contribute to the continuity of the company and ensure the employment of all its people.

Clearly, in these times of COVID, where everything is in turmoil and we are certain of nothing, it seemed important to present this kind of initiative to you. No one should stay put and just wait for better days at this time. 




The shop www.nocnocshop.fr

The flats on www.nocnoc.fr

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