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The Digiscore is a new tool for Walloon companies
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The Digiscore is a new tool for Walloon companies

The digital transformation, the impacts of the digital revolution on the structures of a company and its activities ... sometimes you would think that this is the only thing that matters and it is difficult to find your way around. Many companies could get lost in it. Fortunately, there are useful initiatives that provide concrete solutions and support. As far as I'm concerned, Digital Wallonia and its Agence du Numérique (AdN), which gives concrete expression to the digital strategy in Wallonia, are fine examples of this. 

Actually, the AdN has just published the 2020 barometer of the digital maturity of Walloon companies. In the same press conference, a new tool to help you determine your own digital maturity was also presented: the Digiscore


The indicators are good

Every two years, the AdN carries out a barometer to assess the digital maturity of Walloon companies. And this year in 2020, in addition to the classic questions, companies were also surveyed about the impacts of the current health crisis. 

And what are the most notable results this year?  

  • 30%: it is the overall average digital maturity score, which has increased by 5 points compared to the previous barometer.
  • Companies are (almost) all connected to the Internet.
  • 55% of Walloon workers have a professional smartphone 
  • 45% (+4) of companies have a website, the score rises to 84% for companies employing 10 or more workers
  • 15% (+4) of companies sell online
  • 60% of companies were able to maintain an activity thanks to digital technology during the first containment period.
  • 20% of the remaining companies estimate that they have introduced innovations in their products or services thanks to digital technology.


The Digiscore to help you see even more clearly

With the presentation of the barometer, the AdN took the opportunity to present the Digiscore. This is a tool available online, thanks to which companies will be able to measure their personal digital maturity and compare it with companies with the same characteristics as them. The score is in fact measured along 4 axes: IT infrastructure, human resources, digitalization of processes and commercial strategy. 

Of course, it is not interesting to just simply be measured. And for that, in the results, the AdN includes recommendations and advice for companies that get tested. 


In short, the digital situation in Wallonia seems to be developing positively. The digitalization figures move in the right direction and the initiatives are clearly bearing fruit. To put it plainly, despite the health crisis, the work and long-term vision of the AdN contribute to sustainable digital development for businesses. 

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