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20CENT Style Masso Antico Il Potere

20CENT Style Masso Antico Il Potere

The holidays are approaching and despite the current health crisis, nothing prevents us from enjoying some tasty and beautiful things. Many will be attracted by a good bottle of wine in this period. But just a little thought, wine can be enjoyed all year round, reasonably of course. And so, today in 20/CENT Style, I present you Il Potere by Masso Antico.


Coming from the South of Italy

Masso Antico is a range of southern Italian wines produced in the provinces of Puglia and Abruzzo. The name is derived from the name of an ancient farmhouse or "Masseria" built on the very first vineyards in Puglia. 

Part of the vineyards are located in the region of Puglia, in the "boot" of Italy, in a relatively flat area. In this region the vineyards benefit from a cooling of the air coming from the sea which allows to maintain not too high temperatures in very hot weather. Puglia is known to produce high quality wines from mainly native grape varieties. The vines are cultivated using the "Alberello" method, a method that compensates for the lack of water and the very hot climate. This is an ancestral method which is part of the cultural and oenological heritage of Puglia.  

The other vineyards of Masso Antico are located in Abruzzo. Compared to Puglia, this region is located closer to the centre of Italy, on the eastern coast along the Adriatic Sea. This more mountainous region benefits from a Mediterranean climate as well. Wines with intense fruit aromas and a complex aromatic structure are produced here. 

The wines of Masso Antico are produced by Schenk Italia (the Italian subsidiary of the Schenk Group) founded in 1952. 


Il Potere

And this famous Il Potere? It is a wine made from a blend of different red Puglia grape varieties. This wine is quite well structured, with a beautiful bright red colour and intense notes. It has been aged for several months in French oak barrels previously used to refine grappa. This unique maturation gives you a result with a certain character. 

After tasting, I advise you to associate this beverage with spicy meat dishes (simmered or roasted) or with a piece of dark chocolate.

You will find it at Delhaize at around €12.99 (recommended retail price).



PS: in a future article, I will tell you about a white wine from Masso Antico, which is also very pleasant. 

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