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Hello my friends, 


You probably expected it, and it is definitely the same for many of you: This year is a bit particular and my usual average of visiting between 20 to 25 events per year just simply plummeted. But thankfully I had alternatives. As mentioned in several recent articles, I had the chance to attend a few events digitally. Big Data ParisDMEXCO,SIAL, a few webinars… were on my agenda recently. 

Obviously, I am glad that instead of nothing, I got to participate and follow those digital happenings. But, after seeing a few of these, and thoroughly reflect about the pros and cons of live and digital events, as well as wondered how hybrid events might look like tomorrow, I do miss one thing from digital events so far: a good show!

Again, I get it and said it before. Digital events replacing cancelled tradeshows are better than nothing. And we can all agree they can’t fully replace the real deal. But, if we are going to live with more digital and hybrid happenings in the future, it would be good that attendees at home get a real show. And by that, I mean that we need a better performance on stage to bring us an authentic atmosphere. When I attend a tradeshow or a congress, I usually feel an atmosphere. And so far from the digital events I attended, only one managed to make me vibrate in my chair.

So far, I have seen a few events and they all had the same type of concepts: an interview, a panel, or a person simply rolling a PowerPoint (sometimes on a stage, sometimes simply from their own computer). In terms of content the level was usually on par. But in terms of performances, some were ok, but many others were pretty boring and even disappointing. Usually, organizers create and help the atmosphere of their event with some decors, some music, nice introductions by a professional host or jingles between speakers. But, when you are in your chair at the office or at home, and you follow an event on your desktop, the atmosphere is very different. A transition which looks good on a live stage, looks a bit cheap or without effect on a small laptop screen. Maybe, as an organizer, you should think of creating a specific atmosphere catered to your digital followers. 

Also, something that struck me when watching a few webinars or digital conferences, is that many didn’t take into consideration that speaking in front of a crowd is different than speaking in front of a camera. Speakers and panellists will probably learn a thing or two if they were coached about the difference in formats. I believe that the speakers of tomorrow should not just be experts in their field, but also, they need to be expert in performing. 

So, in the name of visitors and attendees, let me conclude by asking organizers a simple thing. If tomorrow, you think of putting on a digital event, or add a digital format to your live event, just don’t forget one crucial element: it is time to put the show in trade show. 


…until the next lines 


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