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Delhaize has moved into its new offices
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Delhaize has moved into its new offices

On the 8th of October, Delhaize officially opened its new offices in Zellik. For the group, the move marks a centralisation of all its services. The Zellik site already housed all Delhaize's logistics activities, as well as its Purchasing and Quality department. From now on, all the group's services (Marketing, IT, HR, etc.) will be physically combined on a single site, called Delhaize Valley. This brings the total to 3,500 Delhaize employees on one and the same site.

The group's new offices are designed to accommodate employees in spaces that are equipped for group meetings, project team work, consultation committees and many others. 

Delhaize has also paid particular attention to sustainability, including a complete renovation of the building, with a focus on the use of green energy, more economical LED lighting, etc.